Networking engineer

The cost to hire a full time Network Engineer can be very time consuming and costly. Sometimes you may not even need a full time headcount to run a short term project. We can provide expert network consulting at a very practical cost. Please contact us so that we can provide the best possible quote.

We have been working in IT and networking for over 15+ years. We hold one of the highest certificates you can get in networking, the prestigious Cisco CCIE. We also hold three CCNA’s and two CCNP’s. For over 15 years we have performed Enterprise level networking. This includes everything from simple configuration changes to ripping and replacing entire datacenters to ACI, ripping and replacing large scale sites in small outage windows. We primarily focus on Cisco networking infrastructure. However, we have a broad range of knowledge in other vendors (for instance F5, Extreme Networks, Motorolla etc). One thing that is important to note is that all vendors still run the same protocols, for example OSPF is the same on Cisco which is the same on Extreme or HP. So the same principals still apply across the board.

We are based in Lake County, IL. However, we are willing and able to travel across the United States.

We provide a wide array of network services: